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Robie W. Tufts, Some Common Birds of Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia's author & his legacy in birds, with Mark Elderkin

New Glasgow Public Library, New Glasgow

Mark Elderkin is the Province’s Endangered Species Biologist, who in his early years was mentored by Dr. Robie Wilfred Tufts, author of the “Birds of Nova Scotia.” Tufts was in his late 70’s when he befriended Mark in 1964, who then was just eight years old. For the next 18 years, until Tuft’s death in 1982 at the age of ninety-eight, they remained close friends. Mark will share some of his memories about Robie’s life, the man, the character, author, conservationis, naturalist and together, we will celebrate the last of a breed of ornithologists in Nova Scotia that set the stage for bird conservation in Canada today.